On Wednesday two new doctors in Gastronomic Sciences, one from Brazil, the other from Italy

At 2pm on Wednesday June 27, another University of Gastronomic Sciences Three-Year Undergraduate Program thesis examination session was held in the Great Hall at the Cascina Albertina.

Enrico Galli, 22, from São Paulo, Brazil, discussed his thesis on “Canto popolare e condizione contadina, nuove forme e pratiche di comunità” (Popular song and the condition of the farmer, new community forms and practices), with his supervisor Piercarlo Grimaldi, lecturer in Cultural Anthropology.

Tanya Gervasi, 24, from Giaveno (Turin), Italy, discussed her thesis on “Plants of the Traditional Cuisine of Belarus”, with her supervisor Prof. Andrea Pieroni, lecturer in Food Botany and Ethno-botany.