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The New University Magazine: Gastronomic Sciences 

The University of Gastronomic Sciences is pleased to announce that its new academic magazine Gastronomic Sciences – Food for Thought will be launched during Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, held in Turin from October 26-30.
The magazine will be published twice a year in two languages, Italian
and English, and brings together contributions of interest to
specialists and the general public.
Every issue will treat a specific theme through a debate involving
experts from a range of different fields, whether academics,
journalists or professionals. The projects and research in which the
University of Gastronomic Sciences is involved will also be presented.
The final section will include reviews of related works and explore the
activities on the campuses of Pollenzo and Colorno.
Number Zero includes articles by some of the great names in the field
of food and wine, such as Ann Noble, Carole Counihan, Simone Cinotto,
Miguel Altieri, Massimo Montanari, Allen Grieco and many others. The
magazine is edited by the dean of the University of Gastronomic
Sciences, Alberto Capatti.

To request a free copy of the magazine Gastronomic Sciences please send your mailing address to, specifying which language  you would prefer (Italian or English).

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