Michel Bras at UNISG Academic Tables… again


Michel Bras, one of the most famous chefs in France, will be a guest of the Academic Tables from June 4 to 5. He will be returning to the UNISG for the first time since he was awarded an Honorary Degree last June on the occasion of celebrations for the university’s tenth anniversary and the inauguration of the Pollenzo Cookery School.

Virtually self-taught, Bras has created a gastronomic world of his own by drawing inspiration from his native region of Aubrac, on France’s Massif Central, with which he feels a strong bond.

In 1992 he opened a restaurant named after himself on the Aubrac plateau and in 1999 it received three Michelin stars.

The region has a unique natural environment with countless plant species, including aromatic herbs such as thyme, sage, chamomile, wormwood, verbena, wild thyme, and wild fennel, now the symbol of the Michel Bras restaurant.

From spring through the summer, the plateau is also home to a profusion of flowers, which Bras also uses in his creative, aromatic cooking.

“From picking to plating” has been Michel Bras’ motto ever since his debut. He was gathering his own herbs and flowers every day—and still does—long before this culinary style became fashionable.

At the Academic Tables in Pollenzo, Michel Bras will offer students a menu of three vegetable courses using ingredients from local producers and wild herbs and flowers.