Master Stage in Piedmont

The Master of Gastronomic Sciences Students Arrive in Piedmont to Study Wine and Much More

From July 18-25 the northern Italian region of Piedmont will be the classroom for the students of the Master of Gastronomic Sciences and Quality Products. The region’s famous wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco will of course be studied, but so will the native Piedmontese breed cows, organic rice, cheeses and other typical local products.
A quality product, especially if is “alive” like wine, needs excellent raw materials and experienced producers, but its container is also important. The stage will start with a visit to a modern family company that make barriques and barrels, to study the tradition of barrel-making and timber seasoning. The next day will be dedicated to visiting different vineyards and wineries in the Langhe and Monferrato hills. Piedmont is well known also for its cheese production. The students will attend classes on the technology and microbiology of cheeses and will learn everything there is to know about two Slow Food Presidia: Roccaverano robiola and Macagn. They will also spend a night at an Alpine refuge, Zar Senni, at an altitude of 1,664 meters.
One day will cover the Piedmontese breed cows. The breeding, the different cuts of the meat, the packaging, the preservation, the importance of traceability and cooking methods are some of the topics that the students will explore during this day.
The last days are dedicated to the study of the rice, its cultivation, history, and different varieties. The lessons will be held at the Tenuta Colombaia of Livorno Ferrarsi near Vercelli.

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