March 5 2012 Master graduation cerimony at UNISG

On Wednesday March 7 and Thursday March 8, 25 students from twelve countries on University of Gastronomic Sciences Master course in “Food Culture and Communications” discussed their theses.
The diploma ceremony was held on Friday March 9.
Here is a list of the students and the titles of their theses.
Cristiane Arantes, 35, Brazil, “Rice World, Water World, Acquerello World”.
Alecia Ball, 31, USA,  “Embracing Chaos – An Argument for Anarchy in Wine Tasting”.
Cornell Bar, 25, USA,  “Planting the seeds of a movement: The birth of farm-to-table restaurants in the US and the building of communities”.
Kerstin Bergmann, 46, Germany,  “Good, Clean and Fair in China: CSA Farming and the Farmer’s Market in Beijing”.
Lucija Bilandzic, 26, Croatia, “Dva srca i kuhaa d.o.o”.
Marcela Caldas, 53, Colombia, “Buried Treasure: the role of urban agriculture in community sustainability”.
Kunal Chandra, 24, India, “Gastromory: creating food memories”.
Rose Colon, 31, USA, “The Importance of Spice Education: Viewing Food History Through the Lens of Spice”.
Rosanna Consiglieri Benavente, 30, Peru, “Golden Egg, Curating Cuisine”.
Catherine Desforges, 29, Canada, “Going from student to teacher – The UNISG experience from a student and teacher’s perspective”.
Eleanor Frances Poulton, 24, United Kingdom, “Tradition and Innovation. A Study of Contemporary Distilleries in England”.
Peter Engelmayer, 49, Germany, “FOOD MARKETS – IN THE BELLY OF THE CITY”.
Luca Grasselli, 26, Italy, “Sustainability in Small-Scale Farms”.
Douglas Hiza, 64, USA, “The Role of Social Capital in Promoting and Sustaining Small Producers”.
Jenny Isenborg, 29, Sweden, “Learning from good Scandinavian examples: A search for a school garden model for Södertälje municipality”.
Chelsea Lepore, 23, USA, “Pútáo Ji Uncorking a New Dynasty: The Revolution of the Chinese Wine Market”.
Anita Margic, 30, Croatia, “Reflections on the mission of haute cuisine chefs through my experience at Piazza Duomo”.
Nathalie Stevens, 30, Belgium, “An Italian Culinary Web shop… or how to transform a year of UNISG classes into a real life job project”.
Alexandra Molinaro, 27, USA, “The Good Food Awards: A ‘Do Tank’ redefining ‘Good Food’”.Molly Jean Ongaro, 24, USA, “Minnesota Small Business Marketing Menu”.
Maya Hann-Byrd, 26, USA,  “Meatscapes: A Comparison of the Traditional Italian vs. the Contemporary American Meat Culture”.
Shakirah Simley, 26, USA, “Hunger in the Heart of the City: Healthy Food Access in a Challenging Urban Environment”.
Mariana Marshall Parra, 25, Brazil, “AMMA chocolate – applying the notion of terroir on Brazilian reality”.
Mary Vaughan, 27, USA, “From I. Beeton to the iPad:  Embedded Narratives in Recipes Across History”.
Lauren Duttenhofer, 24 , USA, “EVERYTHING BUT THE MOO: The supply chain: From Farm to Frank’s”.