Israeli chefs from “HaBasta” restaurant at UNISG Tavole Academic Tables

habasta restaurant

The restaurant “Habasta” was opened in 2007 by the chef Itai Hargil and the chef-sommelier Maoz Alonim, in the heart of the Karmel Market in Tel Aviv.

For the last 8 years that the restaurant has been in business, the two chefs have managed to serve their customers utilizing the fresh products available on the Karmel Market to provide quality local cuisine, which is represented by their eclectic menu that changes daily.
The HaBasta cuisine is an infusion of classical and traditional dishes alongside typical dishes that has deeply influenced the culinary scene in Israel.

In 2012, “HaBasta” was chosen as one of the 101 best places to eat in Africa & the Mideast by Newsweek magazine.

During their week at the UNISG’s Tavole Accademiche, the two chefs will present their cuisine of Israeli food with influences from Palestinian and Galilean cuisine, alongside their East-European heritage influences: “msabaha” of Jerusalem artichokes (the original msabaha is a mix of grounded and whole chickpeas served warm), kohlrabi with goat cheese, cauliflower with tahini and spicy tomato sauce, laben emo (beef stew cooked in yogurt), knafeh (pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup), Jerusalem mix (all kinds of offals in pita bread), Russian salad, pork shawarma, shushbarak (sort of stuffed ravioli of Persian origin) and more, will be served daily at Le Tavole Accademiche.

On Wednesday May 13th, there will also be a gala dinner where Hargil & Alonim will serve the best of their menu, paired with Giacosa fratelli wines from Neive.