Green Pea Building is born: a new building design to improve the life of people and the planet

Building and Green Pea, together with Boffa Petrone & Partners and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, give life to a green manifesto for the future of housing and buildings

Turin, 7 July 2022. The building is an open, dynamic system that evolves over time, characterised by parties, flows and relationships of value, which make it a metaphor for the coexistence of humanity with the Planet. With this philosophy, Green Pea Building was born, a new enterprise for designing buildings of the future, an idea of co-living and co-evolving in an ecosystem of renewable, circular, systemic consumption, in balance between the natural kingdoms and the people.

Green Pea Building was born from the union of ideas between Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect, developed by Oscar Farinetti, and Building, the group of Piero and Luca Boffa, which deals with innovation in living and real estate. The mission of Green Pea Building is described in a manifesto in 7 green points, defined together with the Boffa Petrone & Partners studio and the Sustainability and Circular Economy Laboratory of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (UNISG), with the collaboration of Green Pea. The starting point is the protection and regeneration of the biosphere on which the social and economic plan that characterises society as we know it depends on. The project in the coming years, adopting systemic design, circular economy, eco-design strategies, will create public buildings and homes by regenerating and redeveloping the existing one, without taking up new land, using eco-efficient and eco-effective materials, which can be reused and converted at the end of their life.

“Green Pea Building represents laying of the foundation stone for constructing buildings of the future. A significant change of pace and the starting point for the design of buildings that move within the horizon of innovation: in balance with ecosystems, the maximum expression of a circular economic model, with an approach that is aimed at the welfare of everyone. A manifesto capable of inspiring even the new generations because it is able to indicate a holistic vision towards new priorities, laying the foundations of the first sustainable entrepreneurial example, in the construction field”, says Piero Boffa, president of the Building Group.

“The home is perhaps the most precious asset for us humans. Often our home resembles us. What was born, through the union of forces of Building and Green Pea, is a project that helps people of Respect live in a home of Respect”, comments the founder of Eataly and Green Pea Oscar Farinetti.

The 7 points of Green Pea Building are Earth, Air, Water, Energy, Resources, People and the Future: pillars of cultural reflection offering concrete solutions to support the ecological transition.

  1. We regenerate the earth, together with those who respect the beauty that resides in nature and in society.
  2. We protect the purity of the air, in synergy with the plant world.
  3. We counteract the waste and pollution of water, preserving its quality.
  4. We only use the necessary energy, opting for renewable sources.
  5. We reduce and manage resources, waste and emissions.
  6. We encourage sustainable lifestyles and valuable relationships between people, inviting them to be co-responsible.
  7. We account for the impact of our choices on the future, on ourselves and on others, by recounting them.

From the application of the systemic approach to a building, a project is born that puts the health of people and the planet at the centre, thus adopting a vision of One Health that invites us to think as a single interconnected system. A change of economic-cultural paradigm that in a circular economy focuses attention on natural and cultural biodiversity, communities, the quality of relationships and the substance of our actions.

“The UNISG Sustainability and Circular Economy Laboratory was created to support innovation, proposing a holistic view of analysis and design. We cannot afford to compromise relations with the best supplier of raw material known to mankind, namely Nature. Green Pea Building was born with this goal in mind. A project that identifies a common, accessible, transparent, inclusive language that, through beauty and lightness, guides us in facing the difficulties of a society in crisis, because it continues to be the expression of an economy with infinite borders on an infinite Planet”, says Silvestro Greco, Scientific Director of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Laboratory of UNISG.

“The Green Pea Building project stems from the profound link between the values that inspire Green Pea and the Building Group: we both design houses for those looking for a new idea of living, convinced that choosing to live in Respect of the Earth and for people is the first way to make a difference every day, in your everyday life. It is time to reflect on our role as inhabitants of Planet Earth, our common home, and to put this awareness at the centre of all our efforts. We are proud to share visions and objectives with Boffa Petrone & Partners and to be able to transform them into projects that make the choice of living in a sustainable way ever more beautiful and inviting. ‘From duty to beauty’: the Green Pea motto is the synthesis of our collaboration”, comments Pierangelo De Poli, CEO of Green Pea Home.



Building was born in Turin in 1983: designing, building, imagining, inventing the city and living, industry and commercial spaces, civil, private places and places of leisure, in Italy and abroad. The BP+P Boffa, Petrone & Partners studio was born within the Building Group and specialises in architectural design and feasibility studies, interior design, building renovation, restoration and construction management. The Building Group and the BP+P studio are renowned for The Number 6, “most beautiful house in the world”, the transformation into a contemporary condominium of a baroque gem a stone’s throw from Piazza San Carlo, awarded by ArchDaily as Building of the Year 2015 for the restoration category. In addition to The Number 6, Building offers the city other examples of extraordinary interest such as Lagrange12, restoration of a 17th century building at the corner of via Lagrange and via Giolitti, Quadrato, the recovery project of the convent of Sant’Agostino, a church dating back to the 16th century in the historical epicentre of Roman Turin and the intervention for the new OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, a research and contemporary culture centre supported and managed by Fondazione CRT. The group has also created Domus Lascaris, a reinterpretation of a rationalist building from the 1950s, and the recent Uptown Torino, conversion of the Villa San Giuseppe student residence. Building is also increasingly active in Milan, where it has opened a second office and launched various projects, such as Forrest in Town, a residential complex designed by DFA Partners, Garden in Town, with which the redevelopment of the district started with Forrest in Town, Gate Central, a prestigious house in front of the Columns of San Lorenzo, designed by the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Bloc Savona studio in front of the Via Savona design district.


Green Pea is the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect, opened in Turin, the innovative city of Italy, next to the first Eataly, in the Lingotto district, in December 2020. It is the third entrepreneurial project of the Farinetti family after UniEuro and Eataly. 15,000 m² in which to discover a new way of consuming: at Green Pea, you can find only sustainable products, created in harmony with the Earth, Air, Water and People. The building consists of 5 floors: the first 4 – which are Life, Home, Fashion, Beauty – dedicated to changing the relationship with energy, movement, home, clothing and free time, while the last is a club dedicated to creative leisure, the Otium Pea Club. More than 150 Partners and a green pea on each product on sale, a symbol of a real turnaround in production and consumption, under the “From duty to beauty” payoff.


Founded in 2004 on the initiative of Slow Food, the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo is a non-state university and legally recognised by the Italian state, created to give academic dignity to gastronomy and promote an interdisciplinary model of food study.

A dynamic institution with a strong international footprint, UNISG has seen over 3,200 students from 97 countries in its over ten years of activity. The university educates gastronomists, new professionals who have interdisciplinary skills in the sciences, culture, politics, economics and ecology of food and are able to work to develop future food scenarios – under the teaching of values such as sustainability and sovereignty of global food systems – including all stages, from production to consumption. The courses that the university offers include a three-year degree course, two graduate degree courses, eight masters, a research doctorate course, a Summer School and MOOC UNISG + programme.


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