On Friday May 15, Graduation ceremony for Master in Food Culture and Communications students

graduation day unisg

On Friday May 15, Master in Human Ecology and Sustainability students, after presenting their degree theses, will receive their diploma. The ceremony will take place in UNISG’s Aula Magna lecture hall at 12. The names and theses of the 17 students from Italy, Germany, the USA, China, Japan, Australia are listed below:

Simone Boecker,  from Germany, is presenting  “Growing wild – the potential of foraging in the context of gastronomy and sustainable foodways”.

Eugenio Bozza, from Italy, is presenting  “Bio-district: how to transform a rural area from ‘marginal’ to ‘strategic’”.

Chelsea Starr Callahan, from the USA,  is presenting  “Edible Education: A Sustainable Model for Reviving Traditional Food Knowledge and Culinary Skills”.

Megan Rae Canty, from the USA  is presenting  “The Implementation of Food Education through Food Policy: The Costs of Ignorance in Our Future Generations”.

Francesca Grazioli, from Italy, is presenting  “Roma Communities in Italy: the table as a formative space for the self and the community among our unknown neighbours”.

Adriana Elvira Louisa Hiestand Salgado, from the USA,  is presenting  “Ida Mera Farms: The role of the olive orchard in human and sheep sustenance in Mediterranean Turkey”.

Remi Ie, from Japan, is presenting  “Dawn of Shift and the Role of Gastronome”.

Yuka Inokuchi, from Japan is presenting “Can Craft Beer Be Sustainable? : New Culture Hopping in Japan”.

Franziska Melanie Kunze, from Germany, is presenting  “Creating a Platform for Sustainable Foraging for the University of Gastronomic Sciences”.

Yu-Chen Kuo, from Taiwan (China), is presenting  “Food Waste Solution: Surplus Food Cafe and Restaurants Case Study”.

Hillary Lauren Lyons, from the USA,  is presenting  “Ravioli & Raki: Social Mimetism as a Survival Strategy for Albanians in Italy”.

Megan Marie Robertson, from the USA,  is presenting  “The Role of Chefs as Activists in America”.

Lillian Jean Sheridan, from the USA, is presenting  “Con Amor: The Story of Lola and Armando—Spanish Famers and Guardians of the Land”.

Natsuko Tabata, from Japan, is presenting  “The diversity of the editable sea weeds culture in Japan”.

Alberto Tallone, from Italy, is presenting  “Sustainable energy for fair food”.

Andrea Testa, from Italy, is presenting  “Urban agriculture between spontaneity and planning. The Cuban-system and the Berlin-case: role and limits of public intervention”.

Alecia Carolynne Strover Wood, from Australia, is presenting “Eating an Australian Icon: environmental, cultural and culinary perspectives on kangaroo consumption”.

Huang Yin-Hsuan, from Taiwan (China), attended as auditor the Master program.