Chef Bonetta dell’Oglio Brings the Flavors of Sicily to Academic Tables

Pollenzo dives headfirst into the bright colors and vibrant flavors of Sicily, thanks to the skilled hands of Palermo chef Bonetta dell’Oglio.

Bonetta draws inspiration from the generations of women who have come before her. Secrets and recipes passed down from grandmothers and great-grandmothers are an integral part of her culinary heritage. But Bonetta delves into tradition in order to rethink the classics of her island’s cuisine with elegance, care and an innovative, cosmopolitan approach.

Her dishes are composed with wisdom and skill, a sure touch and a great sense of responsibility. Her cooking makes use of biodynamically grown produce, and she herself is a passionate champion of organic agriculture and biodynamic viticulture.

For the UNISG students, the Sicilian chef will be serving delicacies like pre-Colombian arancina (rice with a tomato-less veal ragout and pecorino on a saffron cream); nests of wild leaves with Girgentana eggs, smoked Nocellara oil and Castelvetrano black bread crisps; sweet-and-sour julienned peppers with honey and crunchy bread crumbs; lampuga (dolphinfish) in a lemon sauce with bay-leaf potatoes; stale bread soup with quenelles of whipped salt cod and crisp bread; sweet cinnamon-steamed couscous; blancmange with Tumminia wheat and Avola almond brittle.

The general public will also have a chance to sample the same flavors, at a dinner open to the public on Thursday October 15 at 8pm. For the occasion Bonetta has created a menu inspired by a rainbow of colors: gold, green, orange, red, purple/yellow, black/white:

Gold: arancine with ancient grains, bottarga and lemon, almond-milk cocktail in seawater and ginger, paired with white Tequila Herradura and samphire.

Green: cannolo of wild leaves stuffed with sheep’s milk ricotta, Nocellara del Belice oil smoked over olive branches and Maiorca wheat foam, paired with La Torrazza Erbaluce di Caluso.

Orange: anelletti in Mazara red shrimp bisque with pine nut crisp and julienned tomato, paired with Walter Massa Derthona Timorasso.

Red: Arabic dome, earth version: dome of broken Bidi wheat filled with seasonal vegetables on a zucchini puree, paired with Castello di Verduno Pelaverga.

Purple/yellow: mackerel fillet smoked with pine cones, saffron broth, purple potatoes and dehydrated crumbs of Pantelleria caperberries, paired with Principiano Nebbiolo.

Black/white: Blanc and noirmange, almond and pistachio brittle and black bee honey, paired with Cappellano Barolo Chinato.

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