Alex Atala – Defying Outdated Mindets


 Picture by Yehonatan Nimrod

Alex Atala, the famous Brazilian Chef who’s restaurant D.O.M is currently listed as the 6th best Restaurant in the world, spoke at a special conference that took place at the University of Gastronomic Sciences this Thursday December 5 at 4 pm.

Following the conference, Atala hosted a creative dinner at the Tavole Accademiche, open to the public, but required reservation. The menu will be paired with wines from Planeta, a Sicilian producer.

The dinner will feature Atala’s philosophy and way of living; that is the use of quality ingredients, which represent a territory and transform those products wholeheartedly. The evolution of cooking has gone hand in hand with the changing of chefs and most importantly the changes of the land and the ingredients.

On Friday December 6, students will have another chance to eat Atala’s creations in the kitchen during lunchtime.