A New Season of Cultural Gastronomy Workshops and Seminars at UNISG

The following is the calendar through December 2010:

October 6: The Imaginary Mouthful
Professor Alberto Capatti presents his latest book, looking at the relationship between food, language, and the individual and collective imagination.

October 11: Cartizze and Venissa, Comparing Territories and Entrepreneurship
Honored guest Gianluca Bisol, president of one of the best-known wineries in Italy, discusses hospitality, territorial recovery, and other projects in which his large company is involved. Moderator: Giovanni Perri

October 13: Canté j’euv: A Different Kind of Egg Hunt
The ancestral rite that celebrates the end of winter, fertility, and the sense of community in the Langhe countryside, recounted by the man who has brought it back and transformed it into a major event with UNISG student participation: Carlo Petrini. Moderator: Professor Piercarlo Grimaldi

October 18: Protection and Controls within the Wine Sector in Light of New European Regulation
Claudio Salaris discusses the world of wine and its recent changes. Moderator: Professor Paola Migliorini

October 27: Slow Money
Slow: the philosophy comprises various themes, among the most important being economics and finance. Presenting this idea, the innovator behind the concept of Slow Money, Woody Tasch (www.slowmoney.org). Moderator: Cinzia Scaffidi

October 29: Economic and Socio-political Aspects of Modern Agribusiness
Agribusiness demonstrates the links between food, geopolitics, and geoeconomics. Freelance journalist and researcher, William Enghdal (www.enghdal.oilgeopolitics.net) discusses numerous themes regarding genetic manipulation and the financial tsunami of the past number of years. Moderators: UNISG Students

November 3: Biodynamic Agriculture
Biodynamic agriculture expert and UNISG professor, Stefano Pescarmona, illustrates the principles involved in this practice.

November 8: Voyage Along the Po Valley, Part I
Carlo Petrini introduces the television program by journalist and writer Mario Soldati, showing the craft, knowledge, and places of the Po River Valley, through the lens of its gastronomic traditions.

November 10: Voyage Along the Po Valley, Part II
In this second of the series, Professor Alberto Capatti illustrates various aspects of the history of cuisine in the Padana region, commenting on two episodes of the Soldati series.

November 15: Voyage Along the Po Valley, Part III
UNISG anthropology professor, Piercarlo Grimaldi, explains the anthropological perspecive of the Soldati documentary.
November 17: Eating Flowers
Liberemo Guglielmi, an 86-year-old researcher, gives students an introduction to the pleasure of edible flowers. The gardener of the casa Calvino, Guglielmi was also the manager of the Middleton House Botanical Garden and the Herb Garden at the University of London. Moderator: Serena Milano, Slow Food

November 22: Voyage Along the Po Valley, Part IV
Commemorating the Mario Soldati documentary, UNISG organized a bicycle trip down the Po Valley in 2007, taking students and professors along the same journey. This fourth Po event includes the presentation of the documents produced during the voyage, along with commentary by students and the document writers.

November 24: Filming as Memory
Thomas Struck, director of the Cinema and Food section of the Berlin Film Festival, discusses the safeguarding of memory through recorded and documented images. Moderator: Nicola Ferrero, Slow Food

November 29: The Albania Experience
UNISG ethnobotany professor and President of the International Society of Ethnobotanists, Andrea Pieroni, recounts his research experiences in Albania. (in English)

December 1: The Territorialist
Cook and owner of the celebrated Enoteca di Canale in Roero, Davide Palluda, calls himself a staunch territorialist, though not a prisoner of tradition. Starting with this point, he discusses the difficult relationship between tradition and creativity in cooking. Moderators: Professor Nicola Perullo and Marco Bolasco, editorial director of Slow Food Editore

December 6: Fishers and Restaurateurs
In Alta Maremma, at Marina di Bibbona, in the province of Livorno, stands a restaurant that is the destination of many passionate gastronomes: La Pineta, by Luciano Zazzeri. Zazzeri’s success is due to the high quality of his fish, and in addition to discussing his experience as a restaurateur, Zazzeri talks about the issues of fishing related to sustainability and biodiversity. Moderator: Professor Nicola Perullo

December 13: Culture of Food in America, Part I
Two seminars dedicated to new trends in cooking and gastronomy in the United States: creole cuisine, hybridization, new local cuisines, etc. Illustrating this rich and varied theme is Fabio Parasecoli, professor at the New School in New York and in the UNISG Master program.

December 15: Culture of Food in America, Part II
The second part of the series with Professor Fabio Parasecoli