Who’s Afraid of Genetic Research? A seminar on the state-of-the-art techniques and prospects of genetics for food and wine production

Mario Pezzotti, Full Professor of Plant Genetics at the University of Verona and Deputy Rector for Research there, leads two meetings aimed at illustrating the present and future position of genetics research in relation to agriculture and food production.

DNA sequencing, GMOs, genome editing, and CRISPR techniques are just a few of the topics that Professor Pezzotti will address during the seminar, in order to improve the knowledge of attendees and evoke critical thinking.



  • February 19 – 2-5 pm – Aula Miroglio | Seminar 1: Current situation on the state-of-the-art genetic research in food and wine production
  • February 20 – 10 am – 1 pm – Aula Miroglio | Seminar 2: The future prospects of plant genetics research: CRISPR and genome editing for resistant crops

The seminars, held in English, are mandatory for the students of the Master’s Program in Wine Culture Communication and Management.