Presentation of Sandro Lagomarsini’s Coltivare e custodire: Per una ecologia senza miti, introduced by Roberta Cevasco in discussion with author Diego Moreno


Sandro Lagomarsini’s book represents a journey with great historical, environmental and social significance, taking the reader up into the Ligurian Apennines, into the upper Val di Vara, to discover the many little places where rural traditions still live on—increasingly hidden—and to suggest ways we can recognize them and ensure they survive.

The author, a parish priest in the Ligurian village of Cassego, started a “school of the people” in 1968, inspired by the same spirit as Don Milani, and in 1975 he founded a farming museum. For 50 years he has been tirelessly collecting the memories and experiences of the people who live in the Apennine mountains and walking its paths, fighting against inadequate policies unable to protect and manage the area’s rural heritage