Conference on food by Nir Avieli

Nir Avieli (PhD Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004) is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ben Gurion University, Israel. Nir is a cultural anthropologist interested mainly in food, tourism, gender and masculinity. Nir has been conducting anthropological fieldwork in the central Vietnamese town of Hoi An since 1998. His book: “Rice Talks: Food and Community in a Vietnamese Town” (2012, Indiana University Press) is a culinary ethnography of Hoi An. Nir conducted further ethnographic research in Thailand, India, Singapore and Israel. He is currently writing a book titled: “Food and Power: A Culinary Ethnography of Israel”. Nir convened the International Conference on ‘Food, Power and Meaning in the Middle East and Mediterranean’, held at Ben Gurion University in June 2010.


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