Between 1981 and 1984 the streets of Sicily were soaked by the blood of over a thousand people. Some of those killed came from mafia families, but many others were entirely unconnected to what has come to be known historically as the Second Mafia War. This violent context was the backdrop to the tragic case of Salvatore Zangara, an honest man and father who was killed in Cinisi by bullets aimed at mafia boss Procopio Di Maggio as he chatted in the town square. Keeping alive the memory of Salvatore and others who, like him, were killed randomly by the mafia’s hand has become both a commitment and a duty. Antonio Zangara, Salvatore’s son, will share his personal story and also talk about the reclamation of confiscated mafia land (see the attachment).

  • TIME: 5,30pm – 6,30pmCFU 0,15

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