Forestieri. Or how to revive a rural landscape

Elisabeth Paul & Rebekka Dossche, Forestieri. Or how to revive a rural landscape

“If you take the Italian Apennine you can make a clear cut: there is life below 350 meters and then there is the void above it” Eugenio Barbieri. 

Due to depopulation the Apennine mountain landscape, its social and economic structure is changing dramatically in the last decade. In the south-eastern part of Piemonte the rural landscape that has been hit hard by depopulation, villages abandoned, farms and traditional food shops closed, cultivated land and communities given up. Forestieri is a young organization trying to revive this rural landscape, helping people to take roots in the rural area and context, to start producing food for themselves and for others. Let’s talk about what it takes to move to a rural area…