Book presentation: "Digital Ecology: Towards a Technology at the Service of People, Society, and the Environment" - with Francesco Cara (author)
  • TIME: 5,30pm – 6,30pm
  • CFU 0,15

In as little as 30 years, digital innovation has transformed the way people across the world communicate, collaborate, work, play and go about their daily lives. It is also a key enabler in the ecological transition underway to build a just and sustainable future. To fulfill this goal, however, digital innovation itself needs to become sustainable. This talk outlines some of the key transformations digital innovation is going through to reduce its material, energy and social demands, especially as it enters a new phase of development arising out of the convergence of distributed architecture, blockchain and machine learning. The conference builds on some of the ideas presented in the collective book Ecologia Digitale published by Altreconomia in summer 2020.

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