Alex Atala - D.O.M. "Rediscovering Brazilian ingredients”

With great pleasure the University of Gastronomic Science announce you that Alex Atala, one of the most important chef in the world is going to give us a talk, during it will be presented too his latest book “D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian ingredients”.

Firmly linked to his roots and looking towards the future, Alex Atala is, above all, passionate about Brazil, nature, gastronomy, and life. Driven by challenges and a great sense of indignation, Atala manages, with extreme delicacy and technique, to turn his creative energy into unforgettable experiences for those who have the opportunity to prove his experiments. His aim is to explore all the gastronomic possibilities of domestic ingredients, combining classical basis with current techniques. However, with boldness and vision, Atala surpasses the boundaries of cuisine and acts as a responsible citizen, valuing the small producer, encouraging young professionals, and supporting the third sector.

The event will take place THURSDAY DECEMBER 5th 2013 – in “Sala Rossa” Albergo dell’Agenzia, at 4 p. m.

Attendence is free, but it is mandatory to enroll (from now until December 2nd 2013) to the following doodle:

Please note there will be 65 headphones for translation in English that will be provided to the first UNISG students who sign up by indicating the translation required.