laboratorio analisi sensoriale

The Sensory Analysis Lab

Under the guidance of professors, students can use the Sensory Analysis Lab to learn the principal techniques of sensory evaluation in order to compare and judge the qualities of various food products, as well as the changes that take place during processing and preservation. The lab is also available to outside companies seeking to study the sensory properties of their own products, and provides an important quality-control opportunity, including a final written report of the results.

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Food Industry Monitor

Thanks to funding from the BSI Europe SA bank (BSI), the University of Gastronomic Sciences has set up the first observatory of the performance of Italian businesses in the food and beverage sector.

With its Food Industry Monitor, UNISG has mapped the economic and financial results of a sample of Italian businesses representative of the various divisions of the food and beverage sector. Covering ten divisions, 600 businesses and more than 2,500 balance sheets, it is one of the most complete databases in the sector.

The database has allowed us to identify the divisions that have grown most and the businesses that have performed best.

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Sociology Lab

The Sociology Lab aims to manage and coordinate activities relating to sociology at UNISG and externally. The intent is to serve as a benchmark for training, study, and research-related social sciences, acquiring appropriate resources and services: in this regard, the lab is equipped with a specialized library. The lab is animated by the spirit of scientific principles and ideals that inspire UNISG.

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