The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo has chosen the Blackboard platform as the exclusive tool for managing all online teaching activities. Blackboard is a virtual space that allows interaction between students, lecturers and other collaborators.

The software’s ease of use makes it simple to support teaching activities at all levels, from the undergraduate and graduate degree courses to other academic projects carried out with the university’s partners.

Blackboard makes it possible not only to upload teaching materials but also to organize video conferences and to create online questionnaires and assessments.

The platform can be accessed using the same login credentials as the university portal (ESSE3), from any computer, tablet or smartphone via the app or the link:


The Blackboard home page includes links to thand video tutorials on the main functions of the platform.

From the Blackboard home page, you can access the dedicated help desk for students and lecturers and video tutorials about the main functions of the platform.


For specific information about the courses and teaching material on Blackboard, please contact Francesco Gentile >

For technical issues (system errors, access problems, etc.) please contact the General Services office >