Academic Tables – Life stories of contemporary gastronomy

chef tavole accademiche unisg

  • Main branch of study: Academic research
  • Research area: Memory and landscape / Internationality and styles of consumption
  • Name of project: Academic Tables – Life stories of contemporary gastronomy
  • Project leaders: Piercarlo Grimaldi
  • Other lecturers involved: Dario Leone


Presentation of the project:

Every year dozens of chefs and cooks travel to Pollenzo to contribute to the day by day creation of the Academic Tables, the UNISG students’ restaurant, and as part of the Granaries of Memory project, we are systematically recording their life stories. The aim of the project is to analyze and recount the history of cooking and gastronomical knowledge through the firsthand experience of the people involved. It will thus be able to build a large-scale Granary of Memory of contemporary cooking by highlighting the complex transformations that are currently characterizing Italian and international gastronomy.

Bibliography and sitography:

A book of the life stories of the guest chefs and cooks is currently in preparation.