The Sociology Lab is located in the office of the director, Dr. Paolo Corvo, and aims to manage and coordinate activities relating to sociology at UNISG and externally, in close collaboration with the Dean, the Faculty Council and the Board of Directors. The intent is to serve as a benchmark for training, study, and research-related social sciences, acquiring appropriate resources and services: in this regard, the lab is equipped with a specialized library. The lab is animated by the spirit of scientific principles and ideals that inspire UNISG.


The Sociology Lab carries out study and research in the following areas:

  • Food and nutrition, issues related to consumption, sustainable agriculture and environmental themes, green cities and rediscovery of rurality
  • Tourist dynamics and socio-economic development of territory, promotion of local products, trends and motivations of tourists, food and wine tourism
  • Well-being and quality of life, with the identification of qualitative and quantitative indicators at the national and international level

The lab can design and produce social research with qualitative methodology, and when adequately supported, quantitative; territorial research and intervention; socio-organizational consulting; training courses, conferences, seminars, publications and communication of research results (traditional media, web, social networks); and event organization (conferences, workshops). The economic and administrative aspects of the activities carried out by the lab follow the rules and practice in force, working in close collaboration with the UNISG administration.


The lab’s scientific and academic activity aims to provide resources and services to UNISG lecturers, the university’s Strategic Partners and Friends, Slow Food and other universities, research centers, foundations and public and private national and international organizations through agreements, cultural cooperation and other forms of synergy. There is a particular focus on collaborations of an interdisciplinary and international nature.