Migranti is a three-day film festival, to be held at the University of Gastronomic Sciences campus in Pollenzo in 2018 and dedicated to issues relating to migrations, particularly second generations, coexistence, identity and multiculturality.


The 2nd edition of the Migrants Film Festival is going to take place in Pollenzo (Bra) at the University of Gastronomic Sciences from the 1st to the 3rd of June. The festival is dedicated to the topic of migration, in particular to second-generation migrants, to coexistence, to identity and to multiculturalism.

The Migrants Film Festival will open a window on new forms of speech in the hors-concours section, whereas the main competing sections will include 4  feature films, 6 documentaries, 6 short films and 6 comedies. Moreover, after giving assistance to their development, the best unedited and unreleased short film screenplay and the best unreleased documentary script will be awarded as well. The Migrants Film Festival might then, with no obligations, become their future producer.

The movie selection for the festival will take into consideration titles able to narrate the phenomena of migration, and to celebrate different cultures and identities.

The chosen theme for the 2017 edition is Encounter, evinced through meetings between people, between cultures, between languages, between religions and other moments of cross-cultural interaction, not forgetting those linked to gastronomy.

The deadline for submissions is May 7th, 2017.



The goal of the Migrants Film Festival is to represent diversity and the subjective migration experience, communicate the value of the encounter between cultures, and to convey effective tools to build inclusive communities.


  • International Feature Films
  • International Documentaries (any length)
  • International Short Films (max 15’)
  • International Comedies (any length)
  • Hors-Concours
  • International Unreleased Short Film Screenplays
  • International Unreleased Documentaries



To enroll one or more movies, candidates must fill in the entry form to be found at the end of the webpage . After which, films should be sent through one of the following methods:

  1. Via www.filmfreeway.com
  2. Via www.festhome.com
  3. Via the online upload system available on the second page of the entry form
  4. Via DVD sent per mail to the following address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 9, 12042 Pollenzo, Bra CN. Please be sure to specify on the DVD: movie title, year of production, length and director’s name.

If the shipped material arrives from outside Europe, the box has to display the caption “Senza valore commerciale, per soli scopi culturali”.

The DVDs are going to be filed in the Festival’s archives and no material will be returned.

We gladly accept any other informative and advertising material (press book, trailer, etc.) to be sent per email at cinema@unisg.it.

Compiling the entry form presumes the acceptance of all the points presented in these guidelines.



All the films admitted to the final Festival program are going to be chosen at the indisputable discretion of Festival management.

The authors of the admitted works will be informed of the selection by May 15th, 2018.

The Festival does not request a preview of the movie.

Enrollment in the Festival implies the tacit authorization to the free use of movie extracts for a maximum of 3 minutes (for shortfilms, 10% of the total length) for TV broadcasting for promotional purposes.

These guidelines may be subject to modifications and additions until May 15th, 2018, that is, the last possible registration day (see art. 1 – Dates).



There are no registration costs. The shipment of the material is borne by the addressee.



Every movie has to carry English subtitles, Italian subtitles are an appreciated plus.



The official prizes will be awarded by expert juries, composed of a minimum of 3 members, appointed by the Festival management committee.

  • The winner of the International Feature Films Section will be awarded 1.000 euros;
  • the winner of the International Documentaries Section will be awarded 700 euros;
  • the winner of the International Short Films Section will be awarded 500 euros;
  • the winner of the International Comedies Section will be awarded 300 euros.

The prize for the best unedited short film screenplay will be determined by May 15th.

The prize for the best documentary will include a promise of collaboration, still to be defined in details, between the winner and the Migrants Film Festival with the aim of producing the aforementioned documentary. The Festival will consider the possibility of becoming the producer or the co-producer of the latter.

Other potential prizes and mentions will be communicated during the Festival.



The selected films may be the subject of events that take place beyond the conclusion of the Festival, upon agreement with the relevant people.



Taking part in the Festival means agreeing to these guidelines entirely. The Festival Management reserves the right to decide upon issues not indicated in this announcement.