* Il programma potrebbe subire delle modifiche e in caso di cancellazione per via dell’emergenza sanitaria le somme già versate verranno interamente rimborsate

A course aimed at enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in the world of gastronomic transformation, from the understandingof taste characteristics to the creation of culinary stories which are told through the dish.

The course will take you inside the professional kitchen of our UNISG Food Lab where you will get to the heart of the knowledge of taste on a theoretical and practical level.

It will be possible to experiment the molecular mechanisms underlying the changes that occur in foods during the various phases of their gastronomic transformation.

Recipes based on fresh products will be created, combining creativity and knowledge of a complex system focused on health, the environment, relations and pleasure.

During the day participants will alternate between, seminars, workshops and cooking activities in small groups

Registrations open

Start date: July 12th – 15th, 2022

Language:  English

Cost: 1,500€ + 22% VAT – Includes all activities indicated in the program: visits, tastings, lodging for 4 nights, all meals and internal transport.

Cost excluding lodging and dinners: 1.200€ + 22% VAT

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