Undergraduate Degree in Food Sciences and Cultures

Your Path to a Sustainable Food Future

Become a part of the world’s first interdisciplinary gastronomic science course

Gastronomy is to understand food in its totality. With our unique approach, we combine theoretical learning with practical experiences, helping students to understand diverse production realities and develop critical thinking. As a part of our community, you will be prepared to kickstart your career in the bustling food industry.

Start date: 16 September 2024
Partial and total scholarships available




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Unlocking Food's Interdisciplinary Nature

An approach as multifaceted as food itself

Our program values a broad and interdisciplinary approach. We believe understanding food requires more than just conventional agriculture. You will acquire competencies in all aspects of food production integrating science, ecology, economics, and culture.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes subjects such as:

  • Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Molecular Sciences and Taste
  • Economic Policies and Food Sustainability
  • Agroecosystems and Sustainability
  • Food Anthropology
  • History of Food
  • Global Food Governance
  • Philosophy of Food and Aesthetics of Taste
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Ethnobiology and Food Scouting

The World is Our Classroom

Learning Beyond Borders

We facilitate study trips and experiential activities, giving you first-hand experience with diverse production realities. Discover different global gastronomic practices and apply these learnings to your studies.

A Global Gastronomic Community

Diverse perspectives, unified by food

Our course celebrates diversity by bringing together students from all corners of the globe. This multicultural setting fosters dialogue and enriches your learning experience, promoting a deeper understanding of gastronomic cultures worldwide.


Food Knowledge for the Future

Learn to Adapt, Thrive and Grow

Our curriculum goes beyond just imparting knowledge, we shape change-makers. In today’s fast-paced food industry, adaptability is key, and that’s what we nurture. We equip you with the skills to think on your feet, solve problems innovatively and adapt to industry shifts.

Worldwide Network

Shift the Course of Your Networking

Become part of a diverse community embracing individuals from 98 different countries, and extend your academic journey beyond conventional scholastic boundaries. Our international student body nurtures a globally inclusive environment, providing opportunities to explore and appreciate diverse world cultures while expanding your professional and personal network.

A unique aspect of our community, fondly acknowledged by our alumni and students, ensures that your university experience extends well beyond graduation. This sense of togetherness and continuity reflects our commitment to your lifelong learning and growth.