A program that explores the political, economic, social, cultural, ecological, and nutritional dimensions of food, featuring a wide range of opportunities for employment and career-advancement. Program graduates have secured positions in food and agricultural organizations dealing with issues of food education, marketing, communication, and catering, as well as organisations that implement social platforms focused on food sovereignty.

Students may apply to one of the following streams:

Master of Gastronomy: Food in the World (Food Ecologies and Sovereignty) >

Master of Gastronomy: Food in the World (Food Cultures and Mobility) >

Both programs share 70% of the subjects, the remaining 30% corresponds to each stream’s specialisation.


A holistic, cross-disciplinary, and multi-thematic section covering the most salient current trends in the worldwide discourses on Sustainable Gastronomy, taught by leading international scholars, who provide an advanced introduction to food Food Studies and to the most cutting-edge and inspiring thoughts concerning food addressed from different academic fields:

Food History; Food Geography; Food Anthropology; Food Sociology and Multiculturalism; Food Philosophy; Food Politics and Economics; Food and Social Movements; Food, Nutrition, and Public Health; Sustainable Agriculture; Cultural Ecology.

The programs are taught through:

  • Specialized courses held by academics, chefs, food activists, or other experts in the field
  • Sensory analysis, tasting courses, and workshops
  • Study trips
  • A research project or internship
  • Thesis

Groups: 25 students maximum for each program
80% attendance is required

Application Deadline: 5 July 2017
Rankings Available Online: 12 July 2017
Start date: 25 October 2017
Language of program: English

Program direction: Prof. Simone Cinotto



For more information: segreteria@unisg.it