The Specializing Master in DESIGN FOR FOOD is provided by the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences and managed by

“The Specializing Master in Design for Food represents the opportunity to reflect on the necessary ecological transition that will characterize the food system and learn the suitable tools to create the basis of a new model of regenerative development that starts from responsible management of natural capital, with which the cultural one is closely associated, respecting the planetary limits and at the same time offering a fair space to civil society”.

Prof Nicola Perullo & Franco Fassio: Advisor and Co-Director of the Specializing Master in Design for Food
Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

The Specializing Master integrates extensive design skills with thematic and specific competences in the food area, related to humanities, gastronomic sciences, engineering and food technology.  

It, therefore, provides a wide-ranging designing capacity on processes and tools for the design of food product-service systems and a series of specific in-depth thematics, useful for understanding culture, sociological and anthropological factors and also scientific and technological aspects.  

As a whole, it provides an explanatory and comprehensive overview of food systems, from agricultural production to food processing, from distribution to consumption, from planning to recycling in a circular economy approach.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences will deal with the following courses:

  • Systemic Design for Circular Economy
  • Food and Taste Sciences
  • Sensory Analysis and Food Technology for Quality Food
  • Human Ecology and Agroecology
  • Advanced Food and Trade Law
  • Food Anthropology
  • Food Aesthetics and Communication
  • Gastronomic Sciences and Practices
  • Food System Innovation for Sustainability
  • Workshops with Food Industry Company to develop Apply Research Projects

Having conducted over 1.000 study trips in 15 years, UNISG will also take care of the organization of two study trips that will allow students to learn through visits, workshops and tastings.

Duration: 1-year
Credits: 60 CFU (Formative University Credits) equivalent to 60 ECTS
Language:  English
Certificate granted: Diploma of Specializing Master in “DESIGN FOR FOOD” by the Politecnico di Milano
Venue:, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 – 20158 Milan
Starting date: October 2022

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