Master in Culinary Arts for Innovation

Stirring Innovation in Every Culinary Endeavor

This Master’s program combines creativity and expertise in a transformative way. It calls for an innovative shift in how we perceive cooking. The course challenges the status quo and paves a path for cooking innovations. Opportunities after this program are widespread, offering roles in innovation-based cooking, food technology, and as culinary consultants.

Start date: October 22, 2024
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Leading the Culinary Innovation Wave

Reinvent the Recipe. Redefine the rules.

Our program embraces cooking as a dynamic art that evolves and fosters innovation. Through nurturing your imagination, and unfolding scientific insights, we empower you to transform traditional cooking methods and make a lasting impact on the culinary landscape.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes subjects such as:

  • Food Chemistry & Microbiology
  • Neurosciences in Food
  • Sensory and Consumer Sciences
  • Sustainable Design for Food
  • Circular Economy for Food
  • How to Treat Raw Material
  • Fermentations in Lab & Research
  • Product Development
  • New Ingredients from the Ecosystems

Culinary Explorations Across Borders

Taste the World. Cook the Culture.

Our immersive study trips enthrall you with different culinary cultures, fostering an environment where you can draw inspiration from global practices and bring transformation into your ways of cooking. These experiences facilitate a profound understanding of complex food systems and the exquisite interplay of ingredients in culinary expressions from across the world.


Sustainability: The Essence of Innovation

Stir up a Revolution in the Gastronomic World

Committed to pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation, we intertwine sustainability and ethical practices at every culinary venture. Our course explores the harmonious intersection of advanced food techniques and sustainable gastronomy, fostering in you the ability to carve out a unique path in the culinary landscape.


Research & Development: The Backbone of Culinary Innovation

Encouraging Forward Thinking in the Culinary Realm

A distinguishing characteristic of our program is its intensive focus on research and development in the culinary field. Our course exposes you to the latest ingredients and techniques, fosters lateral thinking, and places a premium on product development and project management. Coupled with real-world experiences through internships, our program aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive innovation in the culinary world.

Diverse Career Prospects in Food Companies

Burst Innovation. Lead the Change.

The comprehensive knowledge and specialized skills you gain from our program can be leveraged to drive success in a variety of food industry roles. From taking the helm as a Research and Development Specialist or Food and Beverage Manager, the avenues are limitless. Let’s empower your career trajectory, aligning your passion with your vision to create impactful developments in the food industry.

Worldwide Network

Shift the Course of Your Networking

Become part of a community including people from 98 different countries, and expand your academic journey beyond the realms of education. Our international student body helps foster a global community where students can learn about other world cultures and continue expanding their network.

Our “Pollenzo Bubble” – as named by our alumni and students – guarantees that your university experience continues long after graduation!