UNISG events during the Italian Cuisine Week in the World 2022

To celebrate the Italian Cuisine Week in the World 2022 UNISG launched an online course in collaboration with MEACI – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation, available for free from Monday 14th November on UNISG+

During the same week the University of Pollenzo organized some initiatives in collaboration with the Embassies and the Italian Cultural Institutes of the world such as conferences held by UNISG Professors and events with Alumni.

Below all the events where UNISG will be at:
  • 14/11 h11:40, Online, organized by the Istituto di Cultura Italiana di Nairobi – Kenya
    Speech: Going back for moving forward: The new opportunities of Kenya food heritage products
    Prof. Michele Fontefrancesco



  • 14/11 h18 at I Monelli restaurant, Dublin, Ireland
    “Quiz and Chips” an Italian dinner/tasting experience
    Alumnus Michele Demarchi


  • 15/11 h18 at Casa Romantica (San Clemente) Los Angeles, USA
    Italian Wine, Presentation and Tasting
    Alumnus Adriano Piazza


  • 15/11 h18:30 at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Lione, France
    Vivre autrement (appuntamento Manger autrement) sul tema Ecologia giuridica e cuochi impegnati, Les lois de l’écologie et les chefs engagés.
    Prof. Michele Antonio Fino





  • 16/11 h18, Online, organized by the Istituto di Cultura Italiana di Algeri – Algeria
    Conference: Cucine italiane, identità mediterranee. Uno sguardo storico.
    Prof. Gabriele Proglio


  • 16/11, h20 at Espacio La Biznaga, Oviedo, Spain
    Conference: Un viaje por la gastronomia de Italia a través de la literatura italiana
    Alumna Carmen Ordiz Pérez


  • 16/11 h16:30 at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Tbilisi – Georgia
    Conference: The importance of gastronomic knowledge for sustainable development between taste, science and nature.
    Prof. Andrea Pieroni



  • 17/11 h 12.30 (ora di Boston) at Eataly – Ristorante Terra – Boston, USA
    Conference “ Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of the Italian cuisine  for people’s health and the safeguard of the planet.
    with Alumna Kimberly Golding


  • 18/11 h17 at the Centre de design de l’UQAM, Montreal, Canada
    Visite guidée de l’exposition “Un avant-gout de design italien”
    Alumna Benedetta Diamanti