The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo offers online conferences and seminars to discuss gastronomy even in the time of Covid-19

UNISG Webcasting has started, a new platform to access online content on the world of food!

The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo continues its distance learning activities and offers insights and food for thought on the current pandemic and the consequent changes that concern the world of food and gastronomy.

The initiative, called UNISG Webcasting, is available live for students on the Blackboard platform and, subsequently, on the university’s YouTube channel, for all interested audiences.

It includes a series of seminars and conversations held specifically by professors, UNISG staff members and alumni, former students now protagonists of interesting professional and academic experiences.

Last week, the “45’ Talks with Professors” started, online seminars with UNISG teachers and visiting professors, held in Italian and English, related to the different disciplines and themes characteristic of the university.

Ample space is also given to the “Video Parties” done by the alumni community, who share their gastronomic knowledge in live chats. Their English-language live talks run for 25 to 40 minutes and are also available in replication.

Finally, a space for educational trips was created as well, the “Virtual Study Trips”: different destinations in various areas of the planet will be introduced by representatives of UNISG and the Slow Food network, present on site through video-connection. You will first discover the history and gastronomic traditions of a country or region, narrated by experts and scholars, then, a local chef will present a dish of the culinary heritage of the area, and virtual meetings with producers, farmers and artisans will be possible.

All this, while students and the university are waiting to be able to travel and discover the gastronomic cultures near and far again soon.

The platform will be enriched in the coming weeks with other initiatives, such as cooking workshops held by students.

Here are the proposals already visible and/or scheduled:


45’ Talks with Professors

Tuesday, April 21, at 4 pm “Creation as food in the scientific work of Hildegard of Bingen”, by Prof. Antonella Campanini (Language: Italian with slides in English)

Tuesday, April 28, at 4 pm “One health: from deforestation to intensive farming until Covid-19” by Prof. Silvio Greco (Language: Italian)

Tuesday, May 5, at 4pm “Agrobiodiversity for climate change resilience: The House of Biodiversity of UNISG” by Prof. Paola Migliorini (Language: English)

Tuesday, May 12, at 4pm “Traditional plant knowledge: old wine in new wineskins” by Prof. Andrea Pieroni (Language: English)

Monday, May 18, at 4pm “Il Paese Di Cuccagna” by prof. Massimo Montanari (Language: Italian)

Tuesday, May 19, at 4 pm “The haptic approach in the light of Corona Virus” by Prof. Nicola Perullo (Language: English)

Thursday, May 21, at 4pm Prof. Tim Ingold (Language: English)

Tuesday, May 26, at 4pm “When human societies face fatal challenges” by Prof. Michele Antonio Fino (Language: English)

Wednesday, June 3, at 4pm “Bees and honey: let’s meet the superorganism” by Prof. Cinzia Scaffidi (Language: English)

Thursday, June 4, at 4pm “The crisis of the gastronomic critic: an opportunity to develop at last” by Prof. Nicola Perullo (Language: English)

Thursday, June 11, at 4pm “Food policy” by Profs. Franco Fassio and Bianca Minotti (Language: English)

Tuesday, June 16, at 12.00 “Food consumption at the time of the pandemic” by Prof. Prof. Paolo Corvo (Language: Italian)

Tuesday, June 16, at 4pm “New normalities at the Covid-19 times: gastronomic and communicative scenario of an uncertain present” by Prof. Prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati (Language: English)

Saturday, June 20, “Festivals and rural marginalization in Italy” at 16.00 by Prof. Michele Fontefrancesco (Language: English)

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Alumni Video Parties

Monday, April 27, at 5pm – Camilla De Nardi: The role of food and agriculture companies to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on global food security – a call to action to build resilient food supply chains

Tuesday, April 28, at 5pm – Edoardo Cervigni: Can a good food sourcing hack the food system?

Wednesday, April 29, at 5pm – Valerio Reale: Rewilding Practices in central Apennines

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