The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo fortifies its roots and strengthens wine education

Two new Master courses and a summer school to train future wine & spirits professionals, in collaboration with WSET, Velier and Slow Wine

November 2022 – The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo is ready to welcome students and teachers from all over the world with new courses aimed at training future industry professionals. The University offers the consolidated structure of courses with comprehensive and interdisciplinary programs, which combine theory and direct experience, in training the upcoming professionals of the world of wine & spirits, paying particular attention to issues such as sustainability and international regulations. New collaborations, with agencies such as WSET and Velier, have been formed to join established ones, like those with the Wine Bank of Pollenzo, FISAR and Slow Wine, making Pollenzo a true hub for the wine industry.

The Master in “Wine & Spirits Culture, Communication and Marketing” combines the two complex and fascinating worlds to deeply explore the connections between different wine and spirit making traditions of various countries. “The course will examine both national and international territories thank to the participation of leading figures in the world of wine & spirits: Ian Tattersall (anthropologist and curator of the Anthropology Department at the American Museum of Natural History in New York), Rob De Salle (molecular biologist for the Entomology Department of the American Museum of Natural History and the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics) and Armando Castagno (wine critic and author of numerous publications). Direct experiences like educational trips, tastings and encounters with producers and specialized journalists will support theoretical studies, providing students with all the necessary knowledge to fully understand production and transformation processes as well as surveys on tastes and consumption patterns.” says Nicola Perullo, Professor of Aesthetics and course convenor.
The course will be held in collaboration with important leading companies of the industry, such as Maison du Whisky, Velier and WSET. Completion of the Master course will provide the attainment of WSET Level 3. The course will approximately last for one year and will start in March 2023; admissions will close in December 2022.

“In recent years, the world of wine has seen and is seeing remarkable transformations, related to both environmental and social changes. An increasing number of people working in the world of wine want to upgrade their skills, while those who want to become part of it aim to be equipped with a specific skillset. The Executive Master in Wine Culture and Management was created and designed to combine work and studies.” states Michele Fino, Associate Professor of Roman Law and Rights of Antiquity and course convenor. The course offers activities that require attendance – such as lectures, encounters and tastings held in Pollenzo on a monthly basis, during the weekend – and a series of prerecorded lessons that can be viewed at any time using any type of device. The lectures will tackle topics such as sustainability in the wine industry, trade marketing, wine online, wine legislation, blockchain and anti-fraud protection. The course will start in October 2023 and admissions will close in June 2023.

Unisg also reopens its summer school “Wine Insights: from the vineyard to the wine glass”. This short English course is aimed at enthusiasts who want to broaden their practical and technical knowledge of wine, and includes seminars conducted by experts from the Wine Bank of Pollenzo and UNISG professors. The course combines theoretical studies with practical experiences such as workshops, educational tours in Langhe and Roero, guided tastings and encounters: a multidisciplinary program that touch on disciplines such as agronomy, sensory analysis, economics and marketing.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo can also count on the nearby Wine Bank, a non-profit cooperative founded in 2001 in partnership with Slow Food. This unique location houses more than 50,000 bottles that represent outstanding native varieties and denominations, territories, soils and techniques that distinguish Italian viticulture. Selected participating wineries support the project through the “Club Banca del Vino”: together, they aim to promote Italian culture through interactive activities such as visits, tastings, team building, meetings with producers and journalists and sales of some labels from the best Italian wineries, selected by Slow Wine.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences is a hub for the world of wine & spirits and a trusted center for the training of highly competent professionals that are prepared to face the future of the food & wine industry and become authoritative voices of the sector, qualified to protect and spread the rich cultural heritage embodied by food and wine.