Study trips

The second year students of the three-year course, divided into groups of about 20 people, will go to meet producers, restaurateurs, farmers, fishermen in Croatia, France, Greece and Spain. Below is a summary of some of the planned activities. In Croatia, more precisely in Istria, in addition to visiting lamb farmers and wine cellars such as Clai and Zidarich, they will spend a morning on a boat fishing and will see a popular cooking method such as peka, i.e. roasting food over open flames using ‘clay. In France, Provence, they will assist in the preparation of two of the most typical products of Haute Provence, PGI small spelled and Sisteron lamb, they will visit a market of small producers, they will meet herbalists and expert pickers of medicinal and edible plants, they will taste goat. In Greece, Thessaloniki and surroundings, they will cook typical dishes such as lamb, salads and typical bread prepared by the women of the tsoureki cultural association, they will visit producers of olive oil, tea herbs, feta and tahini, as the area is very famous for sesame production In Spain, Andalusia, they will visit producers of tropical fruits, the Chiclana salt flats and the Almeria fish market, they will get to know the caviar supply chain, they will taste the sherry of the Fernando de Castilla cellar as well as the “Cinco Jotas” cured ham. In Spain, Catalonia, they will enter directly into the culture and spirit of the region with the celebration of calcots, a local variety of onion, they will taste cloaxa, a traditional dish prepared by pressing new oil, they will visit rice producers, vegetable companies organic, natural wine producers.