September Regional Stages Around Europe

Regional Stages in Portugal, Ireland, Veneto and Puglia

From September 4 – 14, 2006 four groups of 15 students each from
the first year of the degree course of the University of Gastronomic
Sciences will be on stage in Portugal, Ireland, Veneto and Puglia to
learn about the typical products and gastronomic traditions of these

Portugal will be the destination for one group. The first
destination will be Porto and the spectacular Douro region where the
students will study Port wine: vinification, ageing, different types of
Port and the AOC Douro wines, with a day will be dedicated to the Port
and Douro Denominations of Origin. Then the students will visit some
shepherds of the ancient indigenous sheep breed churra de terra quente.
Next stop will be Aveiro, a town famous for its artisanal salt pans and
cod fishing; the students will visit some old cod-fishing boats and a
modern cod drying and freezing company. They will also study a Ark of
Taste product: Broha de Milho corn bread.
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In Ireland the students will explore many of the country’s
typical products: Guinness beer, raw milk cheeses, seafood. The stage
will begin at the headquarters of Bord Bia, the organization
established by the Irish government for the marketing, development and
promotion of Irish foods and drinks, where they will attend a lesson
about Irish typical products. A whole day will be dedicated to
Guinness; after a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, the group will learn
about the chemistry, the beer-making process, the raw materials,
malting, fermentation, maturation and blending. They will also learn
through a comparative tasting session how to recognize and appreciate
the beer’s sensory characteristics. The stage will also focus on
butter, Irish raw milk cheeses and the wild Atlantic salmon and how it
is smoked.
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In Veneto the stage will begin with an introduction to the
products and gastronomy of the Veneto region. One of the main focuses
will be wine which will be explored studying the production process,
fermentation and vinification in steel and wood for famous wines like
Soave, Valpolicella and Prosecco. During the rest of the stage they
will study rice, visiting paddyfields and learning the history and the
cultivation of rice, and two Slow Food presidia: the Malga Monte
Veronese cheese and the Moleche lagoon crabs. A day will be dedicated
to the CAM facility in Chioggia, the biggest import/export company of
bivalve mollucs, concluding with a lesson on the history and tradition
of fishing in Chioggia and Veneto.
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In Puglia the students will focus on traditional productions
tied in the land. Beginning with an introductory lesson on the history
and culture in Salento, later classes will examine in detail the
Puglian enology from a historical and geographical point of view.
However the stage will also explore olive oil production and the
history and geography of fishing in Puglia. The students will also
visit Gallipoli to see the violetto crayfish auction. Other topics for
the stage include cheese production and industrial and artisanal
production process for pasta and bread.
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