Rice Stage

One Week of Rice: Second-Years on Stage
to Discover a Classic Piedmontese Product

The second-year students of the degree course at the University of Gastronomic Sciences will be spending May 15-19
around Vercelli, in the northeast of Piedmont. The flat plains of the
Po Valley are famous for rice cultivation, and it is here, hosted by
two renowned rice producers, that the students will learn about this
staple grass.
One group will be based at the Tenuta Colombara estate, where the Rondolino family produces Acquerello,
an organic, aged carnaroli rice. Lessons on the history of rice,
varieties, and the production process from sowing to harvesting to
storing and maturing of the rice grains will be alternated with
tastings of rice dishes and visits to the paddyfields and processing
The other half of the students will be based at the nearby Cascina Veneria, a historic rice farm (the 1949 film Riso Amaro (Bitter Rice)
was shot here) now owned by the Saiagricola group. In addition to the
basics of rice production, history and geography, they will also study
the marketing, management and philosophy of the farm itself.
Each group will have the chance to visit both farms, and the program
includes visits to the town of Vercelli, and a half-day at the Centro Ricerca dell’Ente Risi, the National Rice Research Center in Mortara.

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