On Friday 28 January, the first three UNISG PhDs in Ecogastronomy, Training and Society discussed their thesis

Two young Italian girls and a Pakistani boy are the first three PhDs who completed the PhD cycle in Ecogastronomy, Training and Society at the University of Pollenzo and discussed their theses online today Friday 28 January.

Aziz Muhammad Abdul, from South Waziristan (Pakistan) presented the thesis entitled: “Cross-cultural comparison of traditional foraging among diverse ethnic and linguistic minorities in North and West Pakistan and its possible revitalization within local educational platforms“, with tutor prof . Andrea Pieroni.

Maddalena Borsato, from Treviso, presented the thesis entitled: “Il dolce. Una relazione estetica”, with the tutor prof. Nicola Perullo.

Elena Mancioppi, from Rovereto (TN), presented the thesis entitled: “L’olfattivo. Per un’estetica sociale dell’odorato”, with tutor prof. Nicola Perullo.