Master Students on Stage in the Cinque Terre

The Students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences Discover the Culinary Heritage of the Cinque Terre

From June 6th to 9th the Master of Gastronomic Sciences and Quality Products students will be the guests of the National Park of the Cinque Terre, in Liguria, where they will discover the renowned foods and wines produced in the area.

During the four-day long stage (field seminar), the group will explore the olive
oil, wine, vegetables, aromatic herbs and fresh fish typical to region,
led by experts, fishermen, vine-growers and winemakers. They will also
meet with chefs who in recent years have been dedicated to promoting
this land and elevating its traditions.

The stage will be based in the village of Riomaggiore, where
students will tour vineyards that cover steep slopes dropping
precipitously down towards the water. These magnificent feats of
agriculture are the work not only of nature but also of the men who
over the centuries have covered the sea cliffs with terraces held up by
thousands of dry-stone walls. This is where the wines Bianco delle Cinque Terre and Sciacchetrà (a Slow Food Presidium) are produced.

Anchovies from Monterosso will be the starting point for a
lesson which will take into consideration the ecological impact and
sustainability of fishing techniques, the fish-salting process and the
problems facing local viticulture.

Finally the stage will conclude with a visit to an olive-oil mill run by the Agricultural Cooperative of the Vallata di Levanto where the students will learn about and taste oil pressed from the razzola olive, which is typical to this area.

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