Master in Food Culture Begins

First Week of Classes for the Master in Food Culture: Communicating Quality Products

Colorno, 11/14/2005
This week saw the start of the second Master held at the Colorno campus of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the Master in Food Culture: Communicating Quality Products.
The course got underway with a presentation of the teaching plan and the academic aims from the academic coordinator, Allen J. Grieco.
“The principal objective of the Master is to create connections between
the humanities, such as history, anthropology and sociology, and the
applied sciences, such as food technology and sensory analysis. This
interdisciplinary approach will provide the basis for learning about
the communication of the concept of quality in food.”
The 24 students come from all over the world – 11 from the United States, plus representatives from the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Austria and Sweden.
The program from now to the end of November involves a series of
language classes which will familiarize them with the terminology of
gastronomy in English and Italian, as well as introductory classes in
Food History, Webpage Communication and Sensory Analysis.
On Friday November 18 the students will get an introduction to the Slow Food philosophy when Carlo Petrini,
the founder and president of the association, will visit the campus to
meet with students and officially inaugurate the new Master.
In the new year the students will start their first stages, educational
field trips that will take them to diverse Italian regions and European
countries to learn at first-hand about quality food production and how
to communicate it.

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