This week at Pollenzo: Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli!


May is an all-international month at the Academic Tables. Following the Israeli cooks Alonim and Hargil and Hasegawa from Japan, it’s now the turn of American Giorgio Rapicavoli.

Born in Miami of a mother from Piedmont (from Bra, to be precise) and an Argentine father, Rapicavoli boasts an impressive CV despite his young age. The melting pot of cultures that he comes from is reflected totally in the cooking he serves up at his Eating House in Miami, a restaurant much praised in the American press.

Giorgio’s dishes—fresh and creative, a mixture of different influences and flavors—are a mirror-image of the portraits journalists have drawn of Giorgio himself: namely a nonconformist, ambitious, look-conscious young man proud of his Italian origins and a lover of our food.

At the Academic Tables, he’ll fuse his Italian, Argentine and American roots in cooking with a Latino twist, courtesy of Miami’s historic Cuban community. Hence, among other dishes, pork with tamale, or Cuban polenta, black bean soup, caldo gallego, a traditional Galician soup, and dulce tres leches, a sponge cake soaked in “three milks.”.