Alessandra Buglioni di Monale @ UNISG Academic Tables

Alessandra Buglioni di Monale - Copia

In the halls of the splendid Castello di Verduno, a generation of women have made hospitality, wine production, and high quality cuisine, a lifestyle.

The Real Castello is a place where the family Burlotto has historically managed, with passion and skill, an innovative enogastronomical promotion of the territory by enhancing its beautiful structure, constructing a hotel, a wine cellar, and a restaurant.

Today the reigns of the kitchen is held by the young and talented Alessandra Buglioni di Monale, who has inherited the family passion for beauty and quality.

As a collaborator of Slow Food and more recently of the Cookery School of Pollenzo, Alessandra offers a cuisine that we can define as full of grace, aroma, and color.

At the Tavole Accademiche of UNISG she will prepare traditional dishes accented by her personal flair: the classic soup “da bate el gran” (of the harvest), the stew of “giura” (the Piedmontese cow), followed by a tomato salad, strawberries and honey, maltagliati with broad beans and peas, baked vegetables with ground elder, and finishing with a dessert which is an reinterpreted brioche pudding with cherries and rose panna cotta.