The performance of Italian companies of the food and beverage sector

Main branch of study: Innovation

Name of project: Food Industry Monitor. Osservatorio sulle performance delle aziende italiane del settore food & beverage

Reference Lectures: Michele Fino and Carmine Garzia

Project Coordinator: Francesco Maria Gentile

Main Partner: Ceresio Investors

Supporters: Fondazione Cariplo e Fondazione CRC

Project Overview

Food Industry Monitor is the observatory on the Italian food & beverage sector that analyzes the performance of 835 companies operating in 15 sectors. The sample represents about 71% of the companies operating in the F&B market.

The research analyzes:

  • the performance of companies in the food industry
  • the performance of companies in the food industry;
  • medium-term growth and profitability prospects;
  • the determinants of operating profitability, productivity and growth;
  • the characteristics of companies’ business models;
  • the link between business models and economic and competitive performance

Edition 2022


The eighth edition of the observatory is dedicated to sustainability and innovation on family-ran by companies. The results will be presented in Pollenzo in a conference on June 23, 2022 (a live streaming is also planned).


Analyzed segments

  • Mineral waters;
  • Beer;
  • Coffee;
  • Preserved foods;
  • Spirits;
  • Confectionery and bakery products;
  • Flours;
  • Food equipment: machineries and tools for food and beverage production;
  • Packaging: made up of bioplastics, plastic, aluminium and carboard;
  • Milk and dairy products;
  • Oils and fats;
  • Fresh and dried Pasta;
  • Meat products;
  • Frozen food;
  • Wine: cooperatives, integrated producers, trader and producers of Spumante and Prosecco.

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