UNISG is a hotbed of ideas and stimuli that are always new, multidisciplinary and have a great impact on the community.


Becoming a sponsor means seizing an opportunity of great visibility and cobranding that allows to associate to a company the values that characterize UNISG.

Visiting Professors

Each year UNISG involves 117 visiting professors from all over the world with the aim of increasing this number in the coming years.

Supporting the project means:

  • contribute to the international training of Gastronomers
  • to get in touch with academics from all over the world
  • Involve prominent figures in their own reality for seminars or events

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it


Optional Courses

In addition to the classical path, students can compose their academic career of optional courses that contribute to forming their specific profile.

Proposing and supporting an optional course means:

  • giving UNISG students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of a topic that is important for the company and the community.
  • contribute to a growth of collective consciousness
  • have a direct confrontation with the younger generation

Some examples were the Company Creation course promoted by the Supporting Partner Starboost or the one on Food Packaging supported by the Italian Packaging Institute.

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Study Trips

Educational trips, a fundamental part of the course, lead students to a direct understanding of cultures and food processes through meetings and discoveries of territories and traditions in all continents.

Supporting an educational journey for all or part of it with a contribution or by offering its services means:

  • taking part in a unique and cutting-edge educational project
  • collect, through students, testimonies and documents in the field
  • obtain materials for content marketing activities on their channels
  • lay the groundwork for co-branding activities

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Contributing to the establishment of a chair means to sanction the importance of a theme for the training of future generations of professionals and the centrality for a sustainable development of the gastronomic system.

Associating one’s name to a permanent or temporary chair, supporting the teaching and research activity of a high-profile teacher, means investing in the future of knowledge.

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The Pollenzo Agency, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, retracing the initial function for which it was built, after centuries, returns to be an international research centre from which every year pass personalities of reference for the world of gastronomy and beyond.

The structure is made up of different spaces and laboratories; for each one there is the possibility to become a sponsor, combining its own brand with the identity and vocation of that place.


The Academic Tables

The Academic Tables are the canteen of UNISG that combines education, haute cuisine, fair costs and local products.

A place to experiment with cooking techniques and reduce waste in large numbers, it also involves dozens of guest chefs from all over the world every year, from Michelin stars to Slow Food inns and international communities.

Being Official Supplier of the Academic Tables means:

  • to have a showcase for the display of their products at the spaces in Pollenzo
  • be able to offer samples to chefs who pass through the kitchen every year
  • start a comparison with the Academic Tables brigade about performance, recipes, experimental uses
  • have a place with a dynamic and international atmosphere where to host its customers
  • be able to start photo-video communication projects on the use of their products in the kitchen

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it



The UNISG ecological gardens on campus contribute to the creation of conscious awareness and the construction of a holistic food quality concept. Thanks to them, students have the opportunity to directly experience different agronomic techniques.

Being an Official Supplier of the Garden means:

  • to be part of this learning process that is attentive to sustainability and experiential education.
  • initiate a discussion with UNISG staff and teachers about their projects
  • propose experimentations or themes for thesis with their products and equipment
  • have the possibility to organize workshops and training activities in the garden for students, company employees and other stakeholders

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it


Pollenzo Food Lab

The Pollenzo Food Lab is the laboratory for testing the techniques and transformation processes at the base of the kitchen in order to test equipment and raw materials, imagine new products or innovate in uses and moments of consumption.

Becoming a Sponsor of the Pollenzo Food Lab means:

  • becoming a point of reference for the university with regard to certain processes
  • establish a dialogue with the laboratory staff and UNISG teachers about the performance and use of its products
  • collect the wishes of professionals
  • have a showcase for their products, used and tested by future gourmets and those who attend the many executive training courses

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it


Sensory Analysis Lab

Analysis Laboratory, one of the largest in Italy, is active in numerous research areas with international collaborations; it carries out tests that involve a wide and varied audience on different and always new topics.

It is possible to support and tie oneself to this centre of innovation through:

  • The distribution of samples to test participants for research and innovation projects
  • Support for the purchase of commonly used equipment and services for the activities of the Laboratory
  • Support for the purchase of specific equipment and instrumentation for the Laboratory

Every year the Laboratory will give back to the sponsors a dedicated communication of the activities it has carried out thanks also to its support and specific communications to enhance the partnership.

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it


Cinema Lab

The Cinema Laboratory, through a continuous in-depth study of communication technologies and languages, develops audiovisual research work to capture the complexity of gastronomy.

The creations range from documentaries to commercials and are united by an anthropological approach of investigation and research.

Becoming a Sponsor of the Cinema Laboratory, through a contribution or a supply of products, allows to:

  • start an active confrontation with the creative staff
  • imagine shared research projects
  • build co-branding activities with an avant-garde reality
  • thus creating a link to the brand by the students who will use the equipment

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it



Our Library is one of the largest thematic libraries in Italy on Gastronomic Sciences. In addition to over 25,000 books, half of which are in foreign languages, it contains digital journals and periodicals and gives access to online databases.

Becoming a Library sponsor means:

  • associating your image with a place of knowledge par excellence
  • have visibility in situ
  • use the dedicated logo
  • organize events in the facility, such as book presentations, debates and meetings with students

Contact us: relazioniesterne@unisg.it

The University, thanks to its numerous contacts and its ability to deepen its knowledge of the gastronomic theme, organizes or is involved in events and cultural events that represent occasions of visibility and moments of comparison very interesting for those who decide to sponsor them.


Coltivare Custodire

Annual appointment conceived by Ceretto Wineries with UNISG on good practices aimed at orienting towards healthy, ethical and sustainable practices.

Round tables between intellectuals, writers and scientists, meetings with creators of innovative ideas and projects, educational workshops, as well as international recognition in defence of the environment, ecology and sustainable agriculture.

The 2020 edition will be held online; programme available at www.coltivarecustodire.com

For more information write to relazioniesterne@unisg.it


Career Fair

The Career Fair is the annual event dedicated to the meeting between UNISG students and graduates with Italian and international companies interested in selecting the University’s talents.

The event consists of several days in which the more than 200 Gastronomers, in addition to meeting organizations and companies for interviews, have the opportunity to attend employer branding sessions, workshops, simulations of interviews and curriculum evaluation.

Becoming a Sponsor of the event means:

  • visibility on online and offline materials
  • be present during the event to propose services and get to know the Gastronomers
  • participate in networking lunches and dinners with HR managers present
  • distribute materials to participants.

To learn more about all the opportunities you can write to relazioniesterne@unisg.it

Terra Futura

Terra Futura is an editorial series edited by Giunti Editore, Slow Food Editore and UNISG that aims to offer all the tools necessary to understand that sustainability is a global objective, a scientific challenge of primary importance, starting with the challenges launched by the Club of Rome since the 1970s.

Those interested in using this tool as training for their employees or to spread awareness of the importance of sustainability in their community, please write to relazioniesterne@unisg.it


The New Gastronome

The New Gastronome is a unique and contemporary gastronomic communication publishing project, developed entirely by the Pollenzo community: students,  and professors from all over the world.

The New Gastronome is an online magazine with access to over 4,000 unique users per month from more than 100 countries; at major events or trade fairs, a printed version is produced with print runs of thousands of copies.

Becoming a partner of the magazine opens several possibilities:

  • the classic tabular advertising
  • publicity projects
  • editions dedicated to the company as a house organ or to innovate the catalogue prod

Visit thenewgastronome.com website

For further information and details write to relazioniesterne@unisg.it

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