UNISG services aim to spread a multidisciplinary attention to sustainability and an in-depth gastronomic culture.


Our services are at the heart of what the University makes available to its Network, which can take advantage of them as a priority and on favourable conditions.

UNISG students are seeds of change for the realities in which they work. Gastronomers are innovative professional figures, able to understand the complexity of the food world and face reality with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

The Career Center is the office thanks to which it is possible to get in touch with UNISG undergraduates and graduates, promote internships or job offers.

The UNISG Network is the reference group for the job start up of Gastronomers and enjoys reserved services such as personalized research, support in the publication of offers and pre-selection of candidates and priority participation in the Career Fair.

For more information you can consult the dedicated page or write us relazioniesterne@unisg.it

The University, through its Training Lab, is at the Network’s disposal to design and deliver courses in line with the company’s objectives, aimed at developing and deepening professional skills (‘knowing’ and ‘knowing how to do’) related to the different gastronomic sciences as well as behaviours (soft skills) that can be transferred, by analogy, from the culture and the world of gastronomy to those of the company.

Each training experience is designed and delivered according to the point of view that distinguishes UNISG: transdisciplinary, contemporary and international.

The contents proposed are the result of the most up-to-date research conducted by the university and its experts, with a strong orientation towards environmental sustainability and social applications.

The main thematic areas are:

  • Sustainability and Biodiversity
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Taste and Sensory Analysis
  • Scenarios and Consumer Sociology
  • Raw Materials and Products
  • Systemic Design and Food Packaging
  • History, Culture and Values
  • Applied Gastronomy: cooking techniques and transformation processes

The methodological approach sees the combination of theory and practice through:

  • Seminars
  • Laboratories
  • Practical exercises
  • Team building
  • Educational visits

They can be addressed to all employees, specific business units or as a benefit for customers and suppliers, depending on the target group UNISG staff will co-design with the company the most suitable path to give participants a taste of Pollenzo.

The structure of the training moments is very versatile and can last from half a day to more complete courses of several weeks. The number of participants generally varies from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 25 people to allow the correct use of space and the right level of interaction.

Pollenzo is a versatile place, in the heart of the Piedmontese hills, where within a radius of about 300 meters, within the same village, you can find two hotels, a restaurant, several conference rooms, as well as the famous Banca del Vino, a museum and educational reality that preserves the Italian wine heritage in the ancient royal cellars.


In addition to the accommodation on offer in the area, the university offers its own experimentation hubs for partner events: from the Sensory Analysis Laboratory to the Educational Garden, from the Pollenzo Food Lab for culinary experimentation to the Cinema Laboratory; the latter is also available for photo and video services of the event.

For the UNISG Network, the University’s staff provides organizational support and co-projecting the event, with the aim of conveying awareness on gastronomic issues and sustainability, as well as bringing to life the international atmosphere that characterizes Pollenzo.

Finally, thanks to the numerous contacts in the area, it is possible to complete the full experience with visits to local producers or recreational activities in the vicinity.

A few numbers:

  • Conference rooms for up to 200 people
  • Hotel capacity up to 60 rooms (on the two structures)
  • Restaurant up to 120 seats

The New Gastronome is the University’s internal Food Communication Agency. As a priority for in Network UNISG, it develops personalized communication projects with a holistic and systemic approach for memorable, immediate and contemporary results.

It collaborates with over 130 students  of different nationalities, coordinated by a team of experts. Services range from building a brand strategy to managing social channels, from videos to editorial productions.

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The projects are the Unisg way ,collaborates with institutions and companies in order to translate the results of academic research, university culture and teaching approach into innovations for the reality with which it collaborates.

Starting a project with UNISG means accessing a network of knowledge and international contacts, where academic knowledge merges with traditional knowledge to bring tangible and innovative results.

Pollenzo is by nature an aggregator of skills in different areas and, thanks to a systemic approach, solutions are built for complex issues such as those of the food world, without losing sight of sustainability in every declination. In addition, the vocation for networking that characterizes UNISG allows you to stay updated and get in touch with the cutting-edge solutions that the market offers.

In some cases, the opportunity to access regional, national and international calls for funding through the construction of partnerships is also assessed.

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