A laboratory for analyzing, conceiving and producing narratives using video and digital technologies, creating effective storytelling and experimenting with new languages.

The Cinema Lab promotes innovative combinations of esthetics and demographic and ethnographic anthropology, sociology and law, economics and geography, providing an academic and institutional context for the development of creative work and visual research.

In experimenting with different languages, the lab narrates food traditions, processes, complexity, the relationship with the contemporary world, agricultural landscapes and food seen as a moment of relationship and a sharing of experiences.

One example is the Theater of the Langhe and Roero Landscape Museum in Magliano Alfieri.

The focus of the research is the landscape, interpreted as an inseparable interweaving of nature humanized by the work of farmers, culture that is manifested through forms and products of the land of exceptional quality and the stratified memory of generations.

The Cinema Lab collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Rai (Rai Storia, Geo&Geo), RSI and other international media organizations.

It also offers students the tools for understanding the language of images and the rules of storytelling that make an image-based narrative effective.

During their study trips, the students are called upon to work on projects that recount focus and portions of close and distant worlds, applying an interdisciplinary approach.

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