Three areas will be explored during the Master program in Wine Culture, Communication & Management:

I – Wine Culture
Students learn about wine’s millennia-old history and the winemaking process, with a focus on Italy, once known as Enotria, the land of wine.

  • Basics of Viticulture
  • Enology
  • Basics of Tasting Techniques
  • Geography of Terroir
  • Entomology and Vineyard Safeguarding
  • Pruning and Soil Management
  • Biodynamic Viticulture
  • Sensory Analysis of Wine
  • Tastings

II – Wine Communication
Based on a solid knowledge of wine culture and production, students learn how to communicate and articulate a storytelling approach to wine while acquiring the necessary skills to market it.

  • Food Communication
  • Wine Communication
  • Wine History and Cultures
  • “Epistenology”: Knowledge about Wine, Knowledge with Wine
  • Anthropology of Wine
  • History of Art in Wine-Producing Areas
  • Epistenological Writing Workshop
  • Eno-Journalism and Wine Blogging
  • Wine Journalism and Guides

III – Wine Management
Students learn about the wine business through numbers and case studies, looking at legal repercussions of consumption in society and analyzing some of the industry’s best examples of sustainability.

  • Law and Legislation
  • Wine Legislation
  • Competitive Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Wine Industry Marketing
  • Wine Numbers
  • Sociology of Food and Wine Consumption
  • Intro to Photography and Copyright Laws

* Course and module titles subject to change