The graduation ceremony on Friday, June 11, at the UNISG is finally happening in attendance

Nine undergraduate students and three graduate students will defend their theses

On Friday, June 11, the bachelor’s and master’s degree sessions are finally held in the presence of nine students of the three-year course in Gastronomic Sciences and three students of the Master’s Course in Food Innovation & Management.

There are 8 nations represented by these new gastronomes: Italy, Bulgaria, Colombia, Japan, India, Kenya, the Netherlands and the United States.

The morning is dedicated to the discussion of the theses, in Aula Magna and Aula Miroglio in Cascina Albertina.

Here are the undergraduates and their theses.


Master’s Degree in Food Innovation & Management

Amedeo Boscolo, 26,  from Turin, discusses the thesis entitled: “Come l’aiuto alimentare può combattere l’esclusione sociale – Il caso studio di Caritas Bra al tempo del COVID-19”, supervised by Prof. Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco.

Nicolas Escobar Jaramillo, 26, from Colombia, discusses the thesis entitled: “Terroirism: How Quality And Identity Are Built As A Regenerative System When Cacao Substitutes Illegal, Unsustainable Crops In Colombia”, supervised by Prof. Franco Fassio.

Sharon Mendonce, 26, from India, discusses the thesis entitled: “Food-Based Migrant Entrepreneurship: An Opportunity To Facilitate Integration Into A Host Society?”, supervised by Prof. Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco.


Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomic Sciences

Diego Carlo Benedetto, 23, from Italy / United States, discusses the thesis entitled: “Immigrant Establishments In New York City And Ethnic Influence On American Food”, supervised by Prof. Simone Cinotto.

Clara Cerrato, 27, from San Damiano d’Asti (AT), discusses the thesis entitled, “Cibo, migrazione e identità. Esperienze gastronomiche a confronto”, supervised by Prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati.

Giulio Dassetto Massa, 31, from Turin, discusses the thesis entitled: “Champagne: Il vino, il terroir e la storia attraverso l’influenza inglese”, supervised by Prof. Antonella Campanini.

Nikola Ivanov Gruev, 22, from Bulgaria, discusses the thesis entitled: “Multilingualism In European Food Law And Its Challenges At Consumer Level”, supervised Prof. Lorenzo Bairati.

Izumikiara Hashimoto, 28,  from Japan / Italy, discusses the thesis entitled: ““Il cambiamento della percezione del gusto durante e dopo la gravidanza”, supervised Prof. Gabriella Morini.

Olivia Lucchi, 23, from Rimini, discusses the thesis entitled: “Il Ruggito del Coniglio: verso l’estensificazione dell’allevamento cunicolo”, supervised by Prof. Gabriele Volpato.

Naomi Mwihaki Ngichabe, 34, from Kenya, discusses the thesis entitled: “Role of Traditional Cuisine In Restaurants And The Catering Sector In Thika Town, Kenya”, supervised by Prof. Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco.

Elena Topasso, 25, from Savona, discusses the thesis entitled: “Una riflessione critica sugli alimenti ‘superfood’ e sul loro consumo in un’ottica cross-culturale”, supervised by Prof. Maria Piochi.

Caspar Nemo Van Dissel, 24, from the Netherlands, discusses the thesis entitled: “Urban Agroecology: decreasing food distancing”, supervised by Prof. Paola Migliorini.