Finanziamenti Agevolati

Studenti Europei

Agli studenti dell’Unione Europea, siano essi assegnatari o non assegnatari del diritto all’esonero, è riservata la possibilità di richiedere i Finanziamenti Agevolati, presso i seguenti istituti di credito convenzionati:

U.S. Students

Students with United States citizenship are eligible to apply for American financial aid through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Note that for all UNISG programs, loan applications, must be initiated by the student and received at UNISG electronically.

Maximum Loan Amounts
Direct Stafford Loans are need based (subsidized) and non-need based (unsubsidized) and are subject to annual limits. The loan calculation is based on information from your FAFSA, information about other financial aid you are receiving and the cost of attendance (tuition and living expenses) which is set by the University. The maximum amounts are as follows:

  • Three-Year Undergraduate Program
    Dependent Undergraduate Students
    – Year I: $ 3,500 subsidized; $ 5,500 total (subsidized & unsubsidized)
    – Year II: $ 4,500 subsidized; $ 6,500 total (subsidized & unsubsidized)
    – Year III: $ 5,500 subsidized; $ 7,500 total (subsidized & unsubsidized)
    Independent Undergraduate Students please contact [email protected] for more information
  • Master in Food Culture and Communications
    – $ 20,500 (unsubsidized)

PLUS loans (for parents of dependent students) and Grad PLUS loans (for independent students in the UNISG Master program) are also available.

Several steps are involved in applying for financial aid. Ensure that you start the process early in order to complete all steps in accordance with both U.S. Dept. of Education and UNISG deadlines.

As loans of all kinds involve serious financial commitments, UNISG requires that students be fully responsible in ensuring accurate and timely submission of their FAFSA. Although in some cases a student’s parents may participate in completing the form, the student is considered ultimately responsible for his or her application process.


To apply to Direct Loan, you must:
1. Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). In completing the FAFSA, you must indicate the UNISG Federal School Code (also called the Title IV Code): G41391.
2. E-Sign an MPN (Master Promissory Note).
3. Email the UNISG Financial Aid Office, indicating the total amount of subsidized loan, unsubsidized loan, and PLUS loan you are applying for. Also indicate any other financial aid or scholarships you are receiving, as well as any other documentation or information you wish to transmit that was not included in your FAFSA. All amounts should be shown in U.S. dollars and you should indicate the UNISG program you are applying for.
4. Complete entrance counseling, if you are a first-time Stafford Loan applicant.

– FAFSA submission: within five days of the UNISG Registrar’s announcement of accepted candidates.
– Acceptance of UNISG admission offer and payment of initial deposit: within five days of receipt of loan confirmation from UNISG Financial Aid.

Disbursement of Funds
FSA funds are not disbursed directly to the student. Disbursements are made to UNISG and applied to the student’s university account. Funds in excess of the student’s university fees will be disbursed to the student’s personal bank account once the student arrives at UNISG. All currency exchange rates are based on the rate in effect on the day of deposit of funds.

All students receiving U.S. federal financial aid must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) during their UNISG program, according to the University’s SAP policy. Additional details regarding SAP will be provided to students upon enrollment.

For more information, contact: UNISG Financial Aid Office

UNISG Federal School (Title IV) Code: G41391

Alto Apprendistato

Agli studenti dell’Unione Europea è riservata la possibilità di richiedere un finanziamento agevolato, pari all’importo di 4.000 euro, rilasciato da:

Borse di studio

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Fulbright Scholarship for U.S. MASTER students

A Fulbright Scholarship, funded by the Casten Family Foundation, is also available for candidates who are US citizens. For more information, visit the Fulbright website.