On Friday March 6, the degree and master diploma ceremony for students from 16 countries. Special guests at the ceremony: Letizia Moratti, Marcello Masi, Otto Bitjoka

On Friday March 6 the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo will celebrate its fourth Graduation Day, the solemn degree ceremony which, as always, will be attended by a number of special guests. Graduation Day, inaugurated in February 2012, is still a “young tradition,” a choral commemoration of the communal life of the students as … …read more

Ethnobotanical study in the Balkans by Andrea Pieroni of UNISG and Cassandra Quave of Emory University published in prestigious journal Nature Plants

  Traditional communities living in isolated, rural areas with little money or infrastructure tend to have one thing in common: resilience rooted in intricate knowledge of their natural environment, especially plants. “This knowledge may be relevant to some of biggest problems in plant science, including climate change, conservation biology, food security and public health,” said … …read more

University of Gastronomic Sciences partners with Compass Group

Under the exclusive agreement, the two organisations will work together on research projects, exploring and analysing new trends in the food industry and bringing the latest thinking direct to organisations and consumers. Two of the initial projects they will work on will look at how people can maximise their energy levels, and therefore their productivity, throughout the day, and to increase education around the supply chain.