UNISG meets Masanobu Fukuoka, a pioneer of organic agriculture

At 3pm on Friday July 10 a lecture will be held in the UNISG assembly hall in honor of the great Japanese botanist and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka, a pioneer of organic agriculture. It will be delivered by Akinori Kimura, a Japanese farmer famous internationally for his method of cultivation without the use of fertilizers and pesticides (witness his fabled natural apples). … …read more

Roberto Flore of Nordic Food Lab

Roberto Flore, born in 1982 in the mountain village of Seneghe, in the province of Oristano in Sardinia, has come a long way. In fact he now works at Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, the research center promoted by René Rezdepi, the celebrated chef at Noma, acclaimed as one of the world’s best restaurants. Nordic Food … …read more

Alessandra Buglioni di Monale @ UNISG Academic Tables

In the halls of the splendid Castello di Verduno, a generation of women have made hospitality, wine production, and high quality cuisine, a lifestyle. The Real Castello is a place where the family Burlotto has historically managed, with passion and skill, an innovative enogastronomical promotion of the territory by enhancing its beautiful structure, constructing a … …read more

A new partnership with Toyama city, Japan

  On Saturday May 30,  University of Gastronomy Science is happy to confirm new partnership with Toyama city, Japan for new research project about Perilla oil. Based on the Slow Food principles of ‘Good, Clean and Fair’ policy, together we will research and develop a new product by natural extracted oil of Japanese traditional herbs called perilla, which allow consumers to contribute to … …read more

Michel Bras at UNISG Academic Tables… again

———————————————————————————— Michel Bras, one of the most famous chefs in France, will be a guest of the Academic Tables from June 4 to 5. He will be returning to the UNISG for the first time since he was awarded an Honorary Degree last June on the occasion of celebrations for the university’s tenth anniversary and the … …read more

This week at Pollenzo: Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli!

May is an all-international month at the Academic Tables. Following the Israeli cooks Alonim and Hargil and Hasegawa from Japan, it’s now the turn of American Giorgio Rapicavoli. Born in Miami of a mother from Piedmont (from Bra, to be precise) and an Argentine father, Rapicavoli boasts an impressive CV despite his young age. The … …read more

Zaiyu Hasegawa, visiting chef of UNISG Academic Tables!

Zaiyu Hasegawa is the chef and owner of Den, a restaurant with two Michelin stars in Tokyo’s Jimbocho neighborhood. He owes his culinary passion to his family history. His mother, in fact, was a geisha and, when he was a child, she introduced him to the food of the ryōtei, the refined family-run restaurants where … …read more

UNISG students travel to Scotland, the land of malt and barley

From May 3 to 10 a group of UNISG students travelled to Scotland to discover the country’s outstanding historic food and beverages. The journey took in distilleries, producers’ associations, farms, craft workshops, fish farms and many other places besides, with special emphasis on organic farming and the work of the Slow Food network to promote … …read more