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Why Study Gastronomy

This is an early time in the history of “food studies.” Definitions are changing, and so are the expectations for people working in the many aspects of gastronomy. Around the world, the interconnections between food and society, food and economics, food and culture, and certainly food and politics are starting to be seen and very strongly felt. Having an innate understanding of how these pieces fit together enables food-community and food- business leaders to make real change and achieve success for themselves and their organizations.

The demands on the natural environment—and the effect of those demands—also make expertise in food systems critically important. From production to processing to distribution to consumption, our choices have enormous collective impact. Educated gastronomes, and their ability to influence others, are key to making this impact positive and productive, to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

Finally, and certainly not least important: food is fun, and nourishing, and deeply related to our sense of identity and self. Studying gastronomy reconnects us to our history and our culture, and builds continuity, creativity, and community—those elements at the very foundation of our humanity.