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Life After UNISG

What are alumni from the three-year program currently doing? Read on…

Federica Frigerio

Federica Frigerio (Italy)

Right now I’m working in Montepulciano for Saiagricola, working at the Relais Villa Grazianella, where I welcome new guests and do client relations, principally with foreign visitors. In this job I get to use not only my knowledge of different languages, but also the skills I learned at the university, from promotions to communications to tourism management.

Daniele Mereu

Daniele Mereu (Italy - Canada)

My work with Planeta covers a lot of ground. I organize seminars, oil and wine tastings, demonstrations, and also train our staff and partners. Thanks to my experience at UNISG and from when I worked in Canada as a cook, I’m also involved in planning the kitchen facilities for the international cooking courses Planeta will offer at its new vineyard-based resort. It’s a job that allows me to travel a lot, not only in Italy but also around the world.

Simona Daniela Picco

Simona Daniela Picco (Switzerland)

Here at TSI (Italian-language Swiss Television) as an editor on a food program, I work with the chefs on our show and edit their recipes and interviews. In addition, I manage the website and the online forums and recipe guides. These days I’m also preparing a number of reports about Swiss beer, which I’ll be producing on video.

Michael Opalenski

Michael Opalenski (United States)

I’m a Division Manager for B. United International, a New York City–based importer of beer, mead, cider, and sake. In my role I manage the relationships with existing clients (bars and restaurants) as well seek out new locales that would be interested in selling our products. My work gives me the chance to educate people on “choice,” thinking about ingredients and the product’s story, and offering tastings to really show off the quality. Even better, I get to test and select new products from the rest of the world that might be of interest here in the States.

Petra Tanos

Petra Tanos (United States - Hungary)

I work at the Rainforest Alliance, an NGO in New York that works to preserve biodiversity and guarantee sustainable agriculture through changing resource-usage methods, business management practices, and consumer behavior. In my job I promote the certification of tropical food products, manage projects on consumer education around coffee and chocolate, and organize our annual Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality event, which uses tastings to reinforce the connection between sustainability and quality.